Ipoh Trip 2008

Plenty of backlogs to clear, with all the RAW files sitting in his harddisk screaming to be post-processed since late last year. He shall start with the Ipoh field trip with the usual suspects, right before Guo Loong’s wedding.

After an 8-hour bus trip from Singapore’s Golden Mile Complex, Chern Ye, Poh Yen, his wife and him reached Ipoh at about 6 in the morning. He barely had a wink the whole journey with the stomach grumbling relentlessly. But already he knew what Ipoh had in store for him. Soon after the rendezvous with the rest of the gang at Jye Sheng’s home, they headed towards Foh San Restaurant for dim sum breakfast. It wasn’t exactly easy to get a table to fit nine people during the early morning rush hour, but they didn’t wait for too long either.

Rush Hour

Makan and minum.

All cleared.

Next item in the agenda? More food! And off they went. But just before they entered the next makan place, Yew Nam pointed out an alley that might arouse the interest of the only guy who was lugging his camera all the while. He was darn right.

Nostalgic Alley

Comfort Zone

Tiptoed shoes

The specialties of the next coffeeshop was their super-sweet “Dan Dan” (caramel custard dessert) and Chee Cheong Fun. The latter was so good that Wen Ho had 3 servings!

Considering the sin of gluttony they had committed in the morning, post-breakfast activity was surprisingly healthy – caves visiting. But it wasn’t the caves per se that were so interesting.

No animals allowed, but little did they know the zoo they were heading in.

Yew Nam posing with his new found friend.

He has to admit the photo was slightly tweak to boost the impact, but it isn’t too far off from the reality either.

Rocky Walk
Why did the chicken cross the road? Ask them.

What you get when you put together an a bunch of tortoises in an enclosed area, a group of football/wrestling fans and some apples.

Camel ride for Kenneth.

As for lunch, let’s just say he was too busy eating to be bother with taking pictures.

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