Penang Trip 2008 – Day One

Inadvertently, the last few posts have been posted in completely random sequence. To put the events back chronologically, the Ipoh trip came first, followed by Guo Loong’s wedding. Then it was the Penang trip (this and upcoming posts), Shuang Shoei’s wedding and finally Jin Yi’s. Not that it really matters, but he can be quite obsessed with putting things in the correct order. Sometimes.

Two days before Christmas, around afternoon, they set their feet in Penang after 3 hours of bus ride from Ipoh. Guided by their self-printed-self-bound Lonely Planet Malaysia Guide (Penang Chapter, purchased from LP’s very own website) in hand, they were ready to explore the island.


  • Suffice to say they were nearly ripped off by taxi driver once they reached. Or maybe they just saved few extra ringgits. The drivers had this chart on the wall that states the “official” taxi fare for different zones. Yet it can still be bargained. Why can’t they just stick to meter-reading?
  • After checking into Hotel Malaysia (a balanced choice between price and comfort) at Upper Penang Road, settled their belongings, they embarked on a journey to hunt for lunch.
  • First impression of Georgetown, which has recently been listed as World Heritage site on UNESCO – sick.
  • Several recommended food joints (like the Ecco Cafe) seemed have closed down (LP writers, please update).
  • It was 2.30pm. Lunch was overdue for way too long!
  • In the end, they had their first meal at …*drumroll*… Secret Recipe in Prangin Mall. =(
  • Weather was unbearably scorching hot outside. Definitely not the best time to walk around.
  • Movie – Yes Man. How to say no?
  • Getting dark by the time the show ended.
  • Took cab to Gurney Drive, Penang’s most famous food area that was named after Sir Henry Gurney, a British High Commissioner who was assassinated by Malayan communist guerrillas in 1951.
  • Food! Real food! Awesome food. It was the climax of the day. For a split second, they thought they had died and entered heaven.

The Legendary Penang Char Kuey Teow
The Legendary Penang Char Kuey Teow. Not that it’s the best or most well-known in Penang, but good enough for him. Plus the queue was freaking long, so it must be good.

Ah Chye Rojak
Ah Chye Rojak. He was delighted by the inclusion of jambu (rose apple).

Deep Fried Chicken Gizzards
Deep fried chicken gizzards. Beats KFC anytime of the day.

Curry Mee
Curry Mee. Notice the pig blood cubes?

And the night ended with a short window shopping in Gurney Plaza, before hailing a cab back to the hotel.

3 Comments on “Penang Trip 2008 – Day One”

  1. allie

    Other tha Gurney drive, there are lots of great hawker food!
    Yum yum…. You tried the Fried Lok Lok at Gurney drive.. I like it a lot …

  2. CPK

    yeah..penang is a food paradise besides the beach.. there are many more outlets selling authentic food stuff.. oh gosh, dont remind me, i also hv gained a lot.. always eat, eat and eat..

    I compiled Penang Travel Guide recently. Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Penang soon 🙂

    cheers Ö

  3. szelee

    Hi Allie and CPK,
    Thanks for dropping by. Will definitely try the Fried Lok Lok you suggest the next time I go there. Will also check out our Penang Travel Guide soon 😉

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