Penang Trip 2008 – Day Three

Auntie. Christmas.
Auntie. Christmas.

Uncles. Newspapers
Uncles. Newspapers.

And assorted dim sums. That pretty summed up their breakfast at Tho Yuen Restaurant (92 Lebuh Campbell). Like most of the other eateries they’ve been to, they found their way here through Lonely Planet Guide’s recommendation. No angmohs or youngsters seen. Probably just got into bed after a night of wild party.

Wife had just recovered from stomach upset. Porridge suited her better than those greasy oily (yummy) dim sums. As much as he missed the dim sums in Ipoh, this one was not too bad either.

Roaming around the small lanes in Georgetown appreciating dilapidated buildings on Christmas Day did not seem appealing. Instead they decided to take a public bus to Kek Lok Si Temple.


Temple scene

Reaching the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia was no easy feat.  They had to snake through a maze of souvenir stalls, past turtle and fish ponds in order to reach the entrance.  Perhaps they might revisit this place again once the 16 bronze columns supporting a roof over the colossus 120-feet high bronze status of Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) is completed.

A poor man's wide angle scene at the hilltop area.
A poor man’s wide angle scene at the hilltop area.

The workers taking break at the base of the giant statue.
The workers taking break at the base of the giant statue.

Their next destination was supposed to be the Penang Hill, but the 30-minute funicular railway ride  ticket had sold out by the time they reached at 2pm. 7pm tickets were available, but obviously without much of a demand.

Returning to the city by bus, they proceeded to Komtar Tower, Penang’s tallest building, standing at 65 storeys, 232m tall. At the cost of RM15 per person (inclusive of drink, well..), they took the lift to reach the highest level of the building. Located in the heart of Georgetown, they were able to scrutinize the whole city lying bare naked, 360 degrees from that highest floor.

Wall-E? No thanks.
Wall-E? No thanks.

A multi exposure taken from the tower of the city with his Holga
A multi exposure taken from the tower of the city with his Holga. Hardly an exaggeration of the cityscape. Busy is an understatement.

From there on, they repeated Day 1 routine. Back to Gurney Drive again for dinner (different food, minus the photography, because he was too hungry), did some shopping in Gurney Plaza (just her), caught Twilight in Golden Screen Cinema until midnight before they called it a day and got slapped with an additional RM10 for taxi fare.

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