Perth Trip 2011


We set our feet on the continent of Australia for the first time after a 5 hour flight. We weren’t really meant to be here, if not for the quake. Alas, you can only plan so much.

After checking into our apartment, it was already dusk and we set out for food hunting.

We were not aware of the free Perth CATS (Central Area Transport Service) bus service, so we traveled on foot all the way on the first day. Snaking through the college area, we noticed a  unshaven guy with scruffy face with from far, pointing his fist as he headed towards us. We moved briskly, and the weird guy walked past us and aimed at another Chinese couple behind. “This is not fucking China!”, he yelled in the open air. Funny that he has to tell everyone. Thankfully, that was the only bad experience we had throughout the trip.

We proceeded to Northbridge area for dinner and settled for Korean dinner at Dae Jang Kum Restaurant (74 Francis Street). Servings were generous and the service was excellent. We miss the kimchi!

Good morning.

It was not until the next day that we realized the extreme heat of this place. There was not a single cloud decorating the deep blue sky. Good thing was, it wasn’t as humid as back home, and so we didn’t perspire much despite the temperature.

On this day, we took a train from Perth Station and stopped a Fremantle after about sixteen stops.

We toured around The Fremantle Markets. Some interesting stuff here and there, but nothing spectacular.

Well, things you would expect from markets.

Lunch at Cicerello's (44 Mews Road).

What else could you order in Cicerello's but its supposedly famous fish and chips. Fairly decent. But you do need to pay extra for sauces like tartar sauce if vinegar and salt are not enough to satisfy your taste bud.

Bullseye! Headshot at the Roundhouse (Western end of High Street on Arthur Head), which used to be a prison.

We also visited The Western Australian Museum – Shipwreck Galleries nearby. Strange to me that you can actually have exhibition when you have accumulated enough accidents’ debris 🙂

Dropped by Kakulas Sister Grocer (29/31 Market Street) to pick up some olive oils and salt. Not planning for restaurant dining.

The shoot started on the third day, and I just tagged along, assisting here and there whenever necessary. First stop was the Busselton Jetty - quite a familiar landmark for pre-weddings in Perth, I guess.

Clouds were finally forming in the sky. We were told it had not rained for 3 months, but was expected sometime late in the week.

Stealing some time for phototaking.

My love-hate relationship with Perth began here. The city bored me to death, but the outskirts fascinated me endlessly.

Plenty of vineyards throughout the journey and they were not really fenced. But that doesn't necessary mean we were free to walk around and do whatever we wanted. Just tread gently as if they are land mines.

The historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is situated at the most south westerly tip of Australia, standing at the point where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. But the popular tourist attraction was closed by the time we reached there at 5.30pm. Nonetheless, we found another excellent location nearby and with the lighthouse still visible in the background.

And I witnessed the most beautiful sunset to date.

Last drop of light squeezing through the horizon.

As romantic as this may look, I had over thirty mosquito bites on my back through my shirt during this period of 5 to 7 minutes!

Revisited the lighthouse on the next day. Site fee is AUD5 for adult. It was well worth it.

One of my favourite shots of her throughout this trip.

Moved on to another vineyard. This time around, we found some grapes that have yet to be harvested. The sweet aroma of the wine grapes lingered in the air.

Nick introduced an Indonesian food to us for dinner. I really miss the chilli.

There was no shoot on the next day. And so it was a relaxing day of traveling around the city. We had lunch at the crowded but efficiently managed Japanese restaurant called Taka (347/417 Murray Street,). Great food and good value for money.

Perhaps he was not too different from me, as we were both waiting for wives who were busily shopping in Harbour Town Outlet Shopping (840 Wellington Street).

Legendary was the word used by our friend to describe the Corica Apple Strudels at 106 Aberdeen Street. Indeed, at AUD18, it was so good that I came back for the second time to get another piece before we left Perth.

The shoot for the second couple began on the sixth day. Another round of touring the outskirts and we headed for Swan Valley.


Yet another dramatic sunset.

Another iconic landmark in Perth, the Blue Boat House by the Swan River.

Last day in Perth. Caught this on my way to buy more apple strudels from Corica.

From the parking lot area behind our service apartment. Not exactly the type of travel picture that I can show off and hang on the wall.

Goodbye, Perth! Melbourne next!

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