Singapore Zoo 2009

Dad loves animals and Mum enjoys helping Dad taking care of then. Since small, there were always new family members coming in and going out. Birds, dogs, fishes, tortoises and rabbits – to name a few. Those days, weekend family outings usually involved making trip to Dad’s favorite shops around the town that sell all sorts of pets.

Surprisingly, we have have never been to any zoo together. Thanks to my uncle, the first attempt somehow landed us in Jurong Bird Park back when we first visited Singapore. The second attempt in Melaka strangely ended up in the Malacca Crocodile Farm instead of zoo because Dad couldn’t find his way.

So after 29 years, the son brought the parents to the zoo instead. His second trip there actually, but it’s free this time courtesy of company’s welfare.

Singapore Zoo - Zebra

Singapore Zoo - Flamingo

Singapore Zoo - Meerkat

Singapore Zoo - Polar Bear

Singapore Zoo - Pelican

Singapore Zoo - Children

Singapore Zoo - Giraffe

Singapore Zoo - Elephant Show

Singapore Zoo - Butterfly

Singapore Zoo - With Ah Meng

Just Mum, Yun Xin and the late Ah Meng. Dad didn’t want any photos taken. Like father like son, they said.

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