Vietnam Trip 2008 – Cholon

Situated on the West bank of the Saigon River, Cholon is a Chinatown district in Ho Chi Minh City. On the last day in Vietnam, they decided to make a trip there. To be honest, they didn’t do much homework before reaching Cholon. The taxi dropped them at Binh Tay Market as requested, both the central market and a landmark of Cholon. They wrongly assumed that Binh Tay Market would be similar to the Ben Thanh Market (hey, they shared the same initials), with lots of cheap food and pretty goods to bargain for and a street full of hawkers to eat till they drop.

Salted Fish

Banan Seller

Instead it was more like a market for the locals to get their daily stuff like these.

As noon approached, they started to hunt for lunch, but with the blazing hot sun, they couldn’t traveled far. There were few visible hawkers nearby, but let’s just say, tourists were not their target customers.

Chicken Rice
Com= Rice, Ga= Chicken. Therefore Com Ga = Rice Chicken Chicken Rice.

She rejected the chicken rice shop. Ironically, they soon found themselves feasting on fried chicken in a nearby KFC. After the finger-lickin’ air-conditioned lunch, they braved the hot sun again for temples visit.




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