Vietnam Trip 2008 – Ho Chi Minh City

The last time they flew off Vietnam, they wouldn’t have imagined coming back in less than half a year’s time. Unlike the previous trip, however, they had a bigger company this time – her parents, her brother and her auntie. Surprisingly, finding a big taxi to fit all was not difficult.

With some elderly around, they figured it’s not a wise move to stay in Pham Ngu Lao area, which is cheaper but much further away from the central of the city. Therefore, they eventually settled down in a rather affordable hotel in Mac Thi Buoi Street.

The traffic is still as busy, but the motorcyclists are now wearing helmet as demanded by the law. As well as retracing some familiar locations in Ho Chi Minh and Hoi An, they also explored a few new places like Cholon and Hue.

Time to let the pictures tell the stories.

Feather Dust Seller
He wondered how many of those colorful feather duster he could buy for the price of a iRobot Roomba.

Hawker on their way
Hawkers beside Ben Thanh Market on their way to setup their stalls.

Trendy motorcyclist
It was only less than half a year since the compulsory helmet laws in Vietnam fully came into effect. Some were not hesitant to declare their fashion statements.

Four on a bike
In Singapore and Malaysia, it’s normal to see 2 people on 4 wheels. In Vietnam, it’s not uncommon to see 4 people on 2 wheels.

Coconut seller
It was hot. A coconut would do the job. He squatted down and took this shot. Suddenly, he wasn’t thirsty anymore. Next time, maybe.

Just by staring at this picture, he felt depressed.

Monk crossing road
On the way. By the way. Anyway.

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