Capturing Moments

During the primary school days, some of the students’ better drawing assignments would be pasted to decorate the wall at the back of classrooms. Those paintings were also normally stamped with “A+” or little stars as if to further confirm their status and verify their importance. On few occasions, he was also among those who were proud to have their masterpieces displayed for weeks. It was flattering and ego-boosting, to say the least. Earlier this year, he submitted some pictures taken in Hort Park for a photography competition organized by the park itself.

Last month, he received a phone call from the organizer to ask for permission to display his pictures in the gallery for visitors. He gladly accepted. Sadly, he was also informed that none of his submissions were shortlisted for the winning candidates. Anyway, he was still delighted to find more than one of his submissions being exhibited when he visited Hort Park last weekend.

A surprise came in the most unexpected form when they were browsing the bigger posters with frame just outside the gallery.

As he was telling Thang the butterfly poster looks “pretty similar” to the scene they both encountered last time, Thang noticed the name at the bottom of the description.

It’s his name. He has forgotten that he actually took and submitted the picture.

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